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Is Your Child Struggling With Heroin Addiction? 30 Common Mistakes That Parents Make

Did you discover that child has been battling with heroin addiction? Knowing that your loved one is abusing drugs can destroy your heart. 
You may begin to question your parenting skills. You may ask yourself with questions like “What did I do wrong that my child chose to be under the mind-altering substance?” You may now ask yourself and your partner on your next step to stop your child’s heroin addiction.
If you feel and think about these things upon learning your child’s drug abuse, know that you are not alone. What’s important is that, you discover it now. You can save your child. 
For parents experiencing the same path, here is a list of things that parents should not do:
1. Don’t think that your child’s heroin addiction is a rite of passage.
2. You will not attend any support groups because you may meet someone who knows you or your child.
3. Prescription drugs are always available everywhere in your home.
4. You are not interested to meet your child’s close buddies/ friends.
5. You spend too much time for your troubled child and not taking care of the rest.
6. You doubt your parenting skills after knowing that your child is engaged in drug addiction.
7. Enabling your child through money despite knowing that he/she may spend it in heroin.
8. Believing that your child’s heroin abuse will go without treatment.
9. You are too busy to assist your child throughout his/her drug recovery.
10. You seem hopeless.
11. Getting tired of checking your child’s condition.
12. Too busy to see your child’s changes.
13. Arguing with your affected child.
14. Believing that you can’t change the situation.
15. Thinking that it is only drug addiction, and not a fatal disease.
16. Not interested to know more about drug abuse and recovery.
17. Telling yourself that if your partner is not bothered about your child heroin abuse, why should you.
18. Blaming, blaming and blaming yourself.
19. Dictating your child on what to do.
20. Making an excuse about your child’s heroin addiction. 
21. Thinking that you have no responsibility over your child’s addiction.
22. Not willing to show your child love and affection.
23. Nagging your kid about drug use.
24. Waiting for others to help you.
25. Permitting your child to drink alcohol, even underage.
26. Giving your child too much freedom.
27. Tolerating your kid’s drug use.
28. Preferring your own decision when it comes to your child drug rehabilitation.
29. A 30-day drug recovery program is fine.
30. Allowing your child to go back to people and places associated with drug use following a rehab stint.
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